An effective vaccine is unlikely to be available for 3—6 months after a pandemic begins. Some plans specifically prioritized vaccination of children, employees and people thought likely to pose a risk to vulnerable groups. Vente sacs de poubelle. LU 69 code BIC: The snippet could not be located in the article text. The need for information and guidance on travel was widely acknowledged.

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LU 59 code BIC: We recorded antiviral stockpile sizes if mentioned. Caisse Nationale des Prestations Familiales. We translated 12 plans into English. Five explicitly indicated that they have arranged to buy H5N1 vaccine; two countries, Finland and Switzerland, had placed orders for vaccine to cover their entire population. Preparedness plans were scored independently by two researchers; where differences arose, agreement was reached through review and discussion.

Plans usually stated that their goal was to decrease morbidity and mortality and ensure that society still functions. Nine countries described how vaccine will be delivered to priority groups, including four that stated the need for local administrations to determine in advance which individuals should be vaccinated first.

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Sixteen countries estimated the size of priority groups. Germs, governance, and global public health in the wake of SARS. Twenty-five plans recommended post-exposure prophylaxis. Prime d’acquisition et de construction. Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. During the Austrian Presidency of the European Union EUJanuary to Junethese issues were predicted to formilaire particularly politically sensitive by policy-makers.


They noted that in phase 6, prophylaxis probably lluxembourg not be feasible and might result in drug resistance. LU 97 code BIC: Potential demand and stockpiles for antiviral drugs for four European Union countries.

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Demande de nuit blanche. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. English French Spanish Arabic Arabic. Vaccine strategy measures mentioned in European national preparedness plans, by number of countries.

University of Toronto; Guidelines on the use luxembiurg vaccines and antivirals during influenza pandemic. Our results, as with earlier findings, agree largely with analyses done by other investigators using different methods. In practice the groups given highest priority were health-care workers in 16 countries, essential workers in four countries and people at risk of serious complications in three countries.

formulaire e401 luxembourg

We repeated our evaluation of national preparedness plans in Europe to luxembourt progress made between November and Novemberand analyse these three important strategic planning elements. However, the lack of ethical reasoning, especially regarding resource allocation, might cause confusion when policies and practices need to be justified to an anxious population. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Avian and pandemic influenza: Across Europe, plans for border control measures are inconsistent, especially in relation to screening practices and travel restrictions; formulaie plans frequently diverge from WHO guidelines.

Only a minority of plans detailed the legal foundation for possible restriction of cross-border population movements. Vente lxembourg tickets pour le repas sur roues. With the emergence of the H5N1 avian influenza virus in Asia and outbreaks on the European continent and elsewhere, concerns about a human influenza pandemic are growing.


Progress and shortcomings in European national strategic plans for pandemic influenza

Eighteen countries stated explicitly that they planned to vaccinate their whole population. Checklist for influenza epidemic preparedness. Priority groups for antiviral treatment were stated by 19 countries, 16 of which indicated the size of these groups. Les zones communes avec la Ville de Luxembourg.

Overall scores for key pandemic preparedness criteria concerned with border control, vaccine policies and antiviral policies are presented in Figs. Sixteen countries planned to devolve all or parts luxembourh these responsibilities to local administrations. Responses to avian and human influenza threats draft reportJuly-December InWHO published a checklist to facilitate preparedness planning.

To repeat and update our previous evaluation of Europe’s national pandemic influenza preparedness plans and assess the progress that has been made. Clarity and links to operational implementation also have improved.