Assembling the ‘temperature probe’ Clean the heatsink. Disconnect the two power supply cables from the fans C8. Plug the current transformers into the J3 connectors on the firing circuit board. The line phase rotation direction and the wiring on the ATS result in a line direction which is opposite to that configured with the PHR parameter. The filter board is assembled facing towards the heatsink. Connect the fan power supply cable. Connected to J4 on the power board C2:

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ATS48 block diagram See the diagram in appendix 2 Unscrew the 4 captive screws S1, S2, S3, S4 which hold the control unit in place. Plug the fans into the J5 connectors on the firing circuit board. If possible, please attach the configuration file Powersuite , the fault history log, diagrams and photos if necessary. Unscrew the 4 fixing screws which hold the thyristor module in place on the heatsink then remove the module.

ATS48 repair Trouble shooting manual

Fix the line side power rail 07,08,09 in place on the thyristor module using the pin 10,11,12 and the screw S16,S18,S20observing the tightening torques of 12 Nm. The user may configure the phase rotation direction forward or reverse using parameter Phr.

Zchneider the upper cover on the product make sure it is facing the right way as noted when it was removed.

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Wiring for product sizes A-B-C-D The motor is turning but does not reach its nominal speed The motor is not turning, even though there is current The motor does not turn in the required direction The ATS 7-segment displays are off The display does not change when the keys are pressed The motor speed is unstable Help with troubleshooting 8.


Apply silicon-free thermal seal Schneider reference for thermal seal: Fix the power board in place on the machine ground 24 using the 6 screws S78 to S83observing the tightening torque of 2 Nm.

Single phase voltage on control terminal Loss of line supply monitoring function CLF display flashing End of starting relay opens Fans stop R1 relay command The ATS monitors the control voltage via the 2 terminals CL1-CL2 on the ‘control unit’ Schneeider fault is encountered very infrequently as it is usually transient.

ATS48 repair Trouble shooting manual

schneuder Wiring for size E products Diagram: Fix the thyristor in place on the heatsink using the 4 fixing screws and observing the tightening torque of 3. Loss of control supply: Do not forget to lock the ribbon cable using the clamp once you have inserted schnsider into the connector.

Motor thermal fault via PTC probe Principle: Unplug the thermal probe ribbon cable from connector J2. In parameter Motor current Lcr param Locked rotor in continuous operation function R1 relay opens End of starting relay opens LrF display flashing The locked rotor fault is checked in continuous operation, ATS bypassed Fault threshold: This form will shortly be available on the Intranet.

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Excessive starting time Principle: Fix the board in place using the 6 screws S28 to S33observing the tightening torques of 2 Nm. Unscrew the 2 fixing screws S3, S4 which hold the probe in place then pull out the probe, making etuq note of the route taken by the cable to the power board.


Unscrew the 7 torcx screws S23 to S29 then remove the board. Statement on local government and human rights. The fault code associated with the insulation fault is identical to the motor thermal fault code OLF. Position the thyristor, making sure it is the right way up the control connection should point upwards. Position the cover 30 on the flanges then fix it in place by tightening the 6 fixing screws S88,S89,S90,S91,S92,S93 to a tightening torque of 2 Nm.

ATS48 layouts and block diagrams The power rails 07,08,09 should cross the guides 35,36, Connectors J12 to J31 point upwards and the board slides into the black plastic holder on the right-hand panel of the product.

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Remove the power board from the enclosure. On power-up, the ATS checks its configuration.

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Objective This document defines the policy and methods to be put in place in each country-based organization for repairing the Altistart 48 locally. Position the frame 18making sure it is facing the right way the 2 fixing studs on the control board should point downwards. Line frequency out of tolerance: Position the size F cover 55 then fix it in place using the 6 screws S to S Apply a light film of silicone-free thermal seal to the thyristor module.

Procedure for validation after repair Once a device has been repaired, schneiderr operation can be checked in several ways.