People are so worried about passing around blame that it scares doctors and contributes to our rising medical costs and overuse of medications. Well, if it starts effecting me in a way that I can no longer afford to do anything, or run my buisness, then yes, I can put a price on that child head. Especially if they have more than one child. The large marjoity of kids have never had febrile seizures-and this information applies to them. Our 8 month old son wasn’t even running a high fever, but was very sluggish, listless. PAPilot has issues if he was actually keeping track of how many times the employee went to the ER, but inappropriate use of the healthcare system is EveryOne’s business because it costs all of us money. But how can you measure such a small change in temperature?

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Luckily we still had the empty bottle and saw that the drug strength was the same. These type of seizures can happen with a fever as low as February 28th, I have a friend whose child has febrile seizures. One of mine has them. Parents need to be more informed. The other thing they do is have a suggested protocol in place that you do before you go to the ER for things that are not obviously emergencies.

I have a friend whose child has febrile seizures.

Ovulation and BBT: How To Chart Your Basal Body Temperature

Problem is, if it’s contagious, they already passed it on. I am a parent of three, and my husband is a physician who covers the emergency room at night.


If it’s not, then go to your primary care physician. Obviously, if the fever is high and persists several days, bring him in to rule out anything unusual. She’s 31 years old now, and I still remember that fright like it was yesterday. Sometimes a fever does indicate a serious problem, and ER physicians seem to just write it off as « it’s only a fever.

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How do I take my basal body temperature? The nerve of him!!! Having said all this-I agree that not every fever needs to be treated These type of seizures can happen with a fever as low as How high the fee would be should ,u subject to analysis, but perhaps a tier system — first « false » ER visit, small fee; subsequent « false » ER visits, higher fee. The funniest joke of all He wasn’t alarmed; examined her, said « restfluids and a baby Tylenol. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep Illness or exhaustion Emotional distress Smoking Alcohol consumption Sleeping with an electric blanket.

They would have to be going into seizures, respiratory failure or severe shock.

Ovulation and BBT: How To Chart Your Basal Body Temperature | Parents

Again, not blaming parents, blaming the system. I also suffered various side affects due to the constant use of these medications. I’m saying that parents should be educated about such things at well child care visits so they can avoid unnecessary and expensive trips to the ER.


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Last week in a photo they blurred the faces of egyptians in a crowd behind Lara Logan. My aunt had them. Please note that this antibody is reactive to Mouse and derived from the same host, Mouse.

She is definitely her grandmother’s granddaughter! Sometimes I think they call in the fever card so that they don’t have to have so many kids around.

99f mu

If they hit we call so you can start making arrangements for the next day since they can’t come back for 24 hours. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. A fever is not emergency. In addition, liquid medicines come with a medicine cup to measure out the recommended dose, so there should be no excuse for improper dosing. Anything within a degree of. I believe that daycare is driving this trend and there needs to be a culture shift in child care.

Rebecca is right, probably antibiotics weren’t necessary, especially if it took two days to get better. m

Keep your chart and a pencil by your bed and record your temperature within one-tenth of a degree each day. Even during this time, I have never felt the need to take him to a doctor for a fever alone. One thing is clear.

Sunday he was dead.