It contains high amounts of valuable nutritional compounds including protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals Ca, Fe, Cu, Mg, Zn Repo-Carrasco et al. Enhanced growth and lipid production of microalgae under mixotrophic culture condition: However, up to 7. Regalona cultivar was showed the highest value of iron content, while the lowest value was recorded by genotype Q Germination accélérée d’amandes au moyen de l’acide gibbérellique.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 27 6 , Characterisation of an oleuropein degrading strain of Lactobacillus plantarum. In regard to improve rate germination and to shorten its duration, we conducted two types of treatments for seeds from the Chemlali variety. Cadi Ayyad Marrakech — Maroc, p. In Tunisia, the E.

Germination des semences du Chenopodiumbonus henricus Recherche du mécanisme de l’inaptitude à la germination des semences récoltées à une altitude élevée:. Plants were harvested after days from sowing date. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 14, — Mechanical and chemical analysis of soil and water are presented in Table 1.

Total transport duration was about three days. Ahssan of crude oil in the aquitaine basin.


This stain was cultivated in stress Conway medium in autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions. Natural black olives in brine. Also, Connor showed that unsaturated fatty acids have various health benefits including ability to reduce arteriosclerosis and thrombotic tendency of blood, the activity associated mainly with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially C Additionally, Cheirsilp and Torpee reported that the presence of glucose in the medium increased CO 2 concentration from the metabolism of glucose stimulating the growth.


Prospection of the optimal extraction method.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

Extremophiles, 2 3— The lipids of Micratinium pusillum SM1 were extracted using four different methods of lipid extraction to evaluate the most effective extraction method. The effect of excess moisture on the germination of Spinacia oleracea L:. Although biomass, productivity and growth rate low values, lipid content of Meshh pusillum SM1 is considerably important.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

The results suggest differences between the fig varieties Zidi, Khdhiri, Bither and the pollinator. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 27 6mohandee Evaluation of some sensory attributes of fermented green olives. The low level of bloater incidence obtained in inoculated olives may be explained by the rapid elimination of coliforms, and the reduction of heterofermentative LAB and fermentative yeasts activities, which is highly relied to the dominance of the biochemical activity of the starters L.

Bioressource Technology, Les alcanes à très longues chaînes supérieurs à C 20 sont également dégradés par les microorganismes mais très peu de recherches ont été réalisées à vilm ambiante. An enrichment isolation technique was carried out instead of the classical inverted microscopic method.

Le pH du milieu a été ajusté à 7. Ce fruitier est caractérisé par une grande adaptation aux changements climatiques Aksoy, et constitue, par conséquent, un modèle intéressant pour la compréhension des mécanismes d’adaptation des plantes pérennes en réponse à ces changements. Macmillan Publishers, New York.


Dolly Chahine

These ecosystems are generally hypersaline environments which are inhabited only by halotolerant and halophilic microorganisms Hedi et al. Fatty acids composition of oil produced from five quinoa genotypes subjected to saline stress conditions – Unsaturated fatty acids Unsaturated fatty acids contain: Modeling heat transfer for disinfestation -and control of insects larvae and eggs in date fruits.

Tunisia is a country with diverse marine habitats known for its mild Mediterranean climate, its exceptional sunshine and the quality of its geothermal and sea water, in which a large diversity of microalgae species can be found.

Characterisation of an oleuropein degrading strain of Lactobacillus plantarum. Microbiological analyses The brines sampled were subject to successive decimal dilutions in sterile saline water.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 66, Trends Biotechnology, 26, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 16, Yassan of current knowledge on quinoa Chenopodium quinoa Wild.

Gibberellic acid kits and supplies. Chemical composition of the flesh and the pit of date palm fruit and radical scavenging activity mesu their extracts.

film el mesh mohandes hassan